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Dec 13, 2012 11:30am PST
john mcafee is back in the u.s. confessing to pretending to act crazy. he said it was his only way out of bellies where he's wanted for questioning in a murder. -- out of belize where he's wanted for questioning in a murder. >> reporter: he hasn't answered questions but a talker. his blog has been a blow by blow account of his odyssey. his most recent post was overnight a message to the media something for privacy. he has received dozens of comments, offers of support to that posting. connie says, if you need to get a room, i will pay for it. johann says, give me your account number, i will help. paul says, glad you are safe. john mcafee says he's broke but not short on cash thanks to the kindness of strangers. he sat didn't for an interview with matt gutman and flashed this stack he said someone dropped it off at the hotel for him. he's staying in miami arriving from the u.s. in guatemala on a commercial plane last night. >> they called his name they said please come to the front and he walked to the front. >> he was been on the move in the headlines for weeks. he snuck out of belize
Dec 6, 2012 11:30am PST
learned john mcafee will be deported to belize a day after he was arrested in guatemala for entering that country illegally. abc news spoke with him before he was put into a police car last night. the 67-year-old was hoping the guatemalan government would grant him asylum. now he will be headed back to belize where he's wanted for questioning in the november murder of his neighbor. >> you nor any of your associates shoot him? >> for what reason? he's my neighbor. >> former software mogul says he went underground because he's convinced police in belize want him dead. mcafee managed to evade authorities for weeks by wearing costumes and changing his appearance. >>> apple's ceo says the company will begin manufacturing one of is computers in the u.s. apple plan to spend more than 100 million dollars building mac computers. cook says apple has a responsibility to create jobs but didn't say where in the u.s. this manufacturing will take place. apple manufactured and assembled many products in the u.s. until the late 90s. >>> meteorologist mike nicco ahead -- >>> four storms are gone, patt
Dec 10, 2012 11:30am PST
another shooting. we'll have more as soon as it becomes available. >>> john mcafee says he wants to return home to the u.s.. he recorded the rambling message at a guatemalan detention center and repeated his deep fear of the government of belize. >> it is believed belize is not a corrupt government that it does not lie that it would not execute people, without the judicial process this is untrue. >> mcafee says he was denied asylum in guatemala, because the country is about to sign a peace treaty with belize settling a border dispute. he and his 20-year-old girlfriend are fighting extradition to belize where he's wanted for questioning about the murder of his neighbor. >>> livermore man at the center of a theft investigation says the whole thing is a misunderstanding. this security video of the incident is posted on youtube itch according to livermore police, the man -- entering the front porch of a home on walnut street and taking items lives in the same neighborhood as the victim. he admitted being the person but says he was picking up cigarette butts from an ashtray. >>> quick thinking
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3